Wearable injectors


Being active at work, or enjoying dinner with friends while receiving medication continuously, discreetly and comfortably: this is a dream for many patients. Sonceboz technology makes this dream a reality by offering innovative ways to fight chronic diseases. Our wearable drug delivery systems dispense high volumes of viscous medications thereby offering patients the freedom they desire.


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Discover how to use our wearable injectors.

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Patient Adherence

Ease of use





Device platform


The unique wearable injection device platform accompanying drugs from clinical trials to commercial phase and life cycle management – in top Swiss quality at world market prices.


Faster Time to market

  • Versatile platform offering unprecedented therapeutic options from single container to dual container and automatic reconstitution while using 90% identical parts
  • Easy customization and branding
  • Full container flexibility from vials to cartridges. This allows for utilization of existing fill and finish solutions.

Less Risk

  • GentleTouch™ piston pump for enhanced drug compatibility
  • Highly reliable and proven brushless drive technology
  • Soft cannula with automatic needle insertion and retraction offering patient comfort and preventing needle-stick injuries

Human factors

  • Sonceboz WhisperDrive™ technology for low noise emission and discrete operation
  • Visual, acoustic and haptic feedback options
  • Programmable pump delivery profiles for full flexibility

Quality and cost

  • Complete service from device design, customization, validation and manufacturing
  • High integration of device components for best cost, quality and reliability
  • High degree of automation
  • Developed according to ISO11608

Technical Data

  • Drug container volumes between 1 and 20mL
  • Flow rate 0 to 1.5ml/min
  • Viscosity up to 100cp
  • Minimal dosing increment 50nl
  • Dosing precision +/- 4%
  • Residual system volume < 0.03ml
  • Low noise level < 35dBA
  • 27G soft cannula
  • Connectivity with Bluetooth-LE

Large volume injector LVI™


Acoustic and optical feedback
Prefilled and Loaded or User-Loaded
WhisperDrive™ 35dBA
27G Soft-cannula needle insertion system
Optional connectivity via Bluetooth Low Energy
Glass cartridge based 3mL, 5mL, 10mL, 15mL, 20mL (larger volumes on request)
Dosing rate programmable  0 - 1,5mL/min @ viscosity 50cPs
50nL minimal dose increment
Dead-Volume 30mm3

Dual Cartridge Injector DCI™


Device with two cartridge containers of selectable volume (2x3mL, 1x3mL and 1x5mL etc.)
Shared injection system/fluid path
Sequential or simulataneous injection of 2 APIs
Solution for Combination Therapies or Lifecycle-Management in cases where the API is already filled in a smaller volume cartridge container -> Time to market

Auto Reconstitution Injector ARI™


Manual Reconstitution of lyophilized drug formulations is a complex procedure and challenging for patients and caregivers alike. The ARI™ automatically facilitates the mixing of diluent and lyophilized drug in a easy-to-use fashion without the need of external mixing stations. Furthermore a built-in sensor suite monitors the proper agitation and mixing of the reconstituted formulation prior to injection.