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Thermal Management 2

Some words regarding Thermal Management by Sonceboz.

Reduce CO2 emissions 30% by 2030... impossible?

Reduce CO2 emissions 30% by 2030... impossible?

New Heavy-Duty emission standards specify sharp CO2 reduction targets. Discover how our Mechatronic solutions can support our customers in achieving these emission reduction targets:


Thermal Management

Some words regarding Thermal Management by Sonceboz.

Emission Control

Some words regarding Emission Control by Sonceboz.


Presentation of our products for passenger car interiors.

Automobile new trends

Some words about automobile new trends by Sonceboz.

Efficient powertrain

Some words regarding efficient powetrain by Sonceboz.

Sonceboz's Smart BLDC Motor in Truck Racing        

Discover with Jürg Spuler, senior engineer at FPT and member of the Team Schwabentruck Racing, how the smart BLDC Motor from SONCEBOZ improves the acceleration of the IVECO Truck, allowing higher boost while protecting the engine from overpressure.

IAA 2019, interview Pierre Gandel, CEO Sonceboz SA     

Meet our CEO at #IAA2019 in Frankfurt.


HR video

Episode 1: Research and Development

We invite you to meet some of our team and hear how they describe their work here at Sonceboz.

Episode 2: Industrial Excellence Manufacturing

Let’s see what Industrial Excellence mean for Sonceboz

Episode 3: Sales

Let's see how Sonceboz engineers dedicated to sales management are talking about their day to day life in Sonceboz