Thermal management

Cooling systems with multiple circuits require technically more advanced solutions that are reliable, compact and which consume less energy. Thermal management reduces CO2 emissions and regulates the operating temperature of the aggregates in electric vehicles more accurately.

Thermal management

The Sonceboz approach

Our range of BLDC actuators has been specifically designed to facilitate their integration into the cooling loop structure. Thanks to their compactness, high temperature resistance and quick operation, they can be seamlessly integrated into different types of valves or pumps.

Control electronics, which are developed and tested by our experts, guarantee on-board diagnostics functionality. The range offers several communication interfaces such as LIN Bus or PWM. Our robust electromagnetic technologies guarantee impeccable quality, making them a reliable solution for harsh environments.

Solution intelligente compact  High vibrations


Resistant to extreme temperatures
Customizable as per specifications
Compatibility between ICE and (H)EV

Our solutions

Temperature regulation loop

Controls and regulates the water valve as quickly and accurately as possible to ensure optimum thermal efficiency.


Nominal torque: Up to 1 Nm
Temperature range: [-40 °C; +150 °C]
Weight: Only 140 g

Easy to integrate into confined spaces
Compatible with engine compartment service life requirements
On-board diagnostics function