Smart BLDC Stepper

Why you might need the Smart BLDC Stepper

Active grille shutter actuators, such as the compact and watertight Sonceboz smart BLDC stepper motor, ensure a precise and reliable regulation of airflow into the engine compartment. They can be optimally integrated to modulate shutters behind the radiator grille, thus improving aerodynamics and optimizing engine thermodynamics while reducing fuel consumption and exhaust emissions.
Our brushless actuator is extremely compact, completely watertight IP6K7, RoHS compliant and reliable, with an integrated and compact gear train. As an easy to drive actuator, it provides fully programmable control for direct interfacing with the Engine Control Unit via a simple PWM signal or LIN bus communication.

    Smart BLDC stepper motor by Sonceboz

    Smart BLDC Stepper Motors overview

    • 1 Nm to 6 Nm customizable portfolio
    • Operating temperature [-40°C to +105°C]
    • Lightweight: 65g or 140g


      Typical applications

      • Air Grille Shutter / Active Grille Shutter
      • Active Aerodynamics


      • Accelerates engine warm up / cooling
      • Improves drag coefficient
      • Gains up to 3g CO2/km

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