Smart linear BLDC actuator

Why you might need the Smart linear BLDC actuator

Our smart linear BLDC combines outstanding power with best in class compactness, the ideal choice to replace pneumatic actuators. It holds its position without consuming energy (non reversible up to 130 N) and can be used for different applications within the engine compartment.
This brushless DC actuator enables you to manage the EGR cooler bypass flap in order to optimize the combustion cycle. EGR coolers lower the temperature of the recirculated exhaust gases to reduce combustion temperatures and decrease NOx emissions.
Thermal management systems accelerate the engine heat up time to reduce fuel consumption and emissions. When the engine’s optimal temperature is reached, our actuator helps to redirect the flow in order to avoid overheating.
This linear Sonceboz actuator can also be used for turbocharger applications, where  fast and strong movements in a very compact volume are required.

Its smart electronic capabilities are suited for OBD requirements.

Smart linearBLDC actuator

Smart linear BLDC actuator overview

  • Up to 60N dynamic force and 130N holding force
  • Speed up to 20mm/sec for a max stroke of 16mm
  • Programmable speed, force and output interface (PWM & LIN)

Typical applications

  • EGR Cooler Bypass Flap
  • Waste Heat Recovery Systems
  • Turbo application
  • Thermal Valves


  • Best in class volume for integration
  • Validated robustness at very high temperatures
  • Smart electronics for precise on-board diagnostics



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