Smart linear actuator

Why you might need the Smart linear actuator

The Smart linear actuator is developed to drive the spool of hydraulic valves in different sizes and with various flow rates. This highly efficient electromechanical solution enables an easy electrification of valves, optimizing driver comfort and functional safety in accordance with the mobile machine industry requirements.

Since the motor-gear concept does not need a pilot-oil circuit, the spool actuation is virtually independent from temperature influences and can work precisely and reliably under extreme conditions of up to 110 °C.

Smart linear actuator

Smart linear actuator overview

  • Compatible with different valves sizes
  • Dynamic force from 150N up to 450N
  • 12V and 24V compatible
  • Options with position sensor and functional safety

Typical applications

  • Hydraulic proportional Valves


  • No hydraulic pilot circuit for high reliability
  • Hysteresis free and compensation of mechanical play for accurate control
  • Integrated electronics with CAN bus and on-board diagnostics (OBD)

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