Mechatronics for life

Thanks to Mechatronics we help our Pharma and Medtech customers to ease life of Patients and to improve therapy outcome with innovative, reliable and cost effective wearable medical devices and customized solutions.

For your patients, for you, for tomorrow

The healthcare sector is subject to global megatrends such as ageing societies and patient empowerment. Our mission is to enable our customers in meeting the challenges of tomorrow by creating state of the art device technologies.

We innovate based on our expertise and our heritage in electronics, motors and mechanics in order to create reliable, affordable and easy to use medical devices such as wearable on-body injectors. We are contributing to a world where illness no longer stops patients from participating in an active and joyful way of life.


Medical Devices

Sonceboz Drug Delivery platform offers high flexibility throughout the complete life cycle of Pharma’s Drug product, thus reducing time to market and saving cost. A common injector pump with dynamic needle insertion offers variants from a Large Volume Injectors, Dual Cartridge Injector up to Automatic Reconstitution Injector. A wide range of primary containers allow to use the devices already from early stages to series production.

Drive and component solutions

For more than 25 years, Millions of mechatronic drives from Sonceboz are in exigent 7x24h operation in clinics and laboratories around the world. Be it blood pumps and syringe pumps for dialysis machines, motors or actuators for diagnostic equipment, our customers rely on our ISO13485-2016 certified processes for development and manufacturing of highly reliable solutions in medical equipment.

Medical Devices

Platform for drug delivery devices

Drive and component solutions

Mechatronic Drive solutions for Blood pumps and Syringe pumps
Dialysis machines
Mechatronics for life

ISO 13485-2016

ISO 14001

Gambro innovation award
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Because our team starts where others stop. The combination of proven Swiss technology and a culture of Zero-Defect paired with highly automated manufacturing offer unprecedented opportunities in medical devices.

What you can expect from us

Thanks to innovative drive technologies creating unique customer experiences, Sonceboz is world market leader In several application fields and markets. By using such proven technologies, Sonceboz develops and manufactures innovative medical devices and solutions for medical equipment. Our focus here is on reducing risk, increasing safety and comfort for the patient, always having time-to-market and cost in mind.

Industrial performance

Risk and Cost reduction by automated manufacturing

A key element of Sonceboz excellence and long term experience lays in high volume manufacturing of devices and systems. Highly integrated components, assembled on fully automated lines, 100% controlled by automatic cameras and testing system create a unique customer value:

Top Swiss quality at world market prices!


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