Linear BLDC actuator

Why you might need the Linear BLDC actuator

The linear BLDC actuator outputs a high force in a very compact bundle. It is therefore the ideal solution for applications with limited space, as well as for the electrification of pneumatic valves. Thanks to its robust design, it can operate in harsh environments with extreme temperatures and accelerated vibrations.
This brushless actuator can be optimally integrated into the turbo charger system, where it ensures a precise and reliable regulation of airflow, operating the turbine bypass valve or waste gate. This optimizes engine thermodynamics, while reducing fuel consumption and exhaust emissions
When used in a 2-stage turbo application, our actuator helps improve engine performance and reduces turbo lag.

The Sonceboz linear BLDC actuator can be driven by the Engine Control Unit via a simple PWM/Analog or PWM/SENT signal.

Linear BLDC actuator by Sonceboz

Linear BLDC actuator overview

  •  Up to 25 mm stroke in 310 ms
  •  > 160 N continuous holding force @ 150°C
  •  High temperature resistance
  •  Driven by conventional H-Bridge

Typical applications

  • eTurbine Bypass Valve
  • eWastegate


  • Force boost to move in any condition
  • Easy integration for volume saving
  • Easy to drive BLDC, fully compatible with standard ECUs


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