Generating electricity while improving agricultural production? An innovative agrivoltaic solar module has recently been launched.

An innovative agrivoltaic solar module driven by Sonceboz technology adopted from its automotive products has recently been launched in Switzerland.

The pilot project, run by Insolight, aims to replace the plastic tunnels used in agriculture with high efficiency solar modules which generate electricity while protecting the plants. Accurately driven by Sonceboz Smart BLDC actuators, these modules dynamically adjust the amount of light as required and capture any excess sunlight for generating energy. It is a small step for the technology, but a large step for increased sustainability.

With an energy production capacity of up to 18,000 kWh and agricultural yield up to 400 kg per year, the experimental installation based in Conthey, Switzerland is comprised of 165m2 of agrivoltaic surface and will be in testing for four years. 

We wish Insolight and their partners the best of success in this ambitious project!