Quoi de neuf chez Sonceboz ?

With the new eActros from Mercedes-Benz, Daimler has just presented the first series-produced electric truck - a world premiere!


For the first time ever, Sonceboz has two different, highly innovative products on the same cooling system.

Cooler Bypass

Discover the rewarding collaboration with LNCO (Laboratory of Cognitive Neuroscience @Ecole polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne), where Sonceboz has been able to work with the team on innovations to their Robotics platform and contribute to the research on out-of-body experiences.


Robotics Team

For more than a decade, our Smart BLDC Motors have supported Trucks & Off-Road OEMs to fulfill increasingly stricter emission regulations by enhancing engine efficiency.

4 Million Smart BLDC Motors

We would like to thank Daimler Truck AG for giving us the opportunity to develop and produce an Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) system based on our new direct drive Brushless Motor (BLDC).

DD15 engine

We just finished the 11th edition of our Technical Seminar, an occasion for Sonceboz’s experts to exchange information on technical subjects.

Because of this exceptional year, our Seminar was offered safely as a Webinar.

Seminaire technique

We are always delighted to support our clients in creating worldwide success, starting from their ideas through to mass production. Our high-volume production of the MagSpeed™ electromagnetic wheel approaches a quality level of 0 PPM, always our goal.

High-volume production of the MagSpeed™ electromagnetic wheel

Three of the Tractor of the Year 2021 Awards winners are equipped with Sonceboz solutions. The winners of each category are:

Tractor of the Year 2021

Sonceboz has been awarded with the Innovation & Collaboration Award from our partner AGCO, a global leader in the agricultural industry.

AGCO Innovation & Collaboration Award

We would like to thank BMW Group for giving us the opportunity to develop and produce an Engine Management Application based on

BMW engine

Congratulation to MAN for winning the International Truck of the Year 2021 award!

Sonceboz is proud to support MAN in the field of ICE optimization by delivering precise and reliable mechatronic actuators that contribute to the fuel efficiency of the vehicle.


MAN TGX, Truck of the Year 2021

Scania presented its updated V8 engine range for Commercial Vehicles, including a record-breaking model with 770 hp. The Transmission unit is equipped with Sonceboz’s new compact BLDC motor, for improved drivability, robustness and life endurance.

BLDC Motor

New market needs in consumer electronics have escalated the demand for expertise in electromagnetic technologies.

Electromagnetic Mouse

Proactive. Flexible. Attentive. Supportive.
These keywords highlight our focus on “Customer Centricity”.

Customer centtricity

Sonceboz is proud to have been awarded with the Innovation Torch from a leading customer driving innovation in computer peripherals.

We are even more pleased to see the product to which we have contributed becoming a worldwide success!

Logitech awards

This challenging situation will continue for some time and we need to stay focused during this period.