Emission control

Electric actuators for emission control on truck and off-highway engines

We believe in producing sustainable mechatronics to preserve the environment through the development of proven, robust actuation solutions for powertrains. Our expertise covers the entire powertrain, from air intake to exhaust pipe, including the combustion chamber environment.

Contrôle des émissions dans le groupe motopropulseur

The Sonceboz approach

Controlling gas or PM emissions, or dosing an air flow require an accurate and quick motion system. Our electronically commutated actuators enable precise positioning of a valve. They have integrated CAN bus control electronics and they operate in a supply voltage range between 9V and 60V.

Our mechatronic solutions can deliver high peak torque values – up to 20 Nm. Their compact size makes them easy to integrate into a narrow engine compartment. Some variants to be discussed include mechanical interfaces, temperature management or ad-hoc connectors.

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Our solutions

Heavy-duty exhaust gas recirculation

Robust mechatronic solutions provide the control for low and high-pressure EGR valves, in a commercial vehicle environment.

Exhaust gas recirculation - Heavy-Duty vehicle


Key features
12V and 24V compatible
Short positioning time: < 150ms

Your benefits
Precise positioning
Rigidity maintained over time
High temperature and soot resistance

Intake throttle valve

On the admission side, the mechatronic systems operate intake throttle valves


recirculation des gaz d'échappement


Key features
12V and 24V compatible
Short positioning time: < 100ms

Your benefits
Driven by a 1phase PWM
High temperature and soot resistance

Exhaust back pressure valve

Engine brake assistance, exhaust gas temperature and back pressure regulation require seamless electrical control to achieve high braking performance and efficient denoxification.

Exhaust gas recirculation - Heavy-Duty vehicle

Key features
Peak torque values up to 20 Nm
Integrated failsafe

Your benefits
2 in 1: thermal regulation and brake 
Very fine tuning in closing position
Multipliable torque with external crank

Forced air induction

To avoid a delay in air boosting and improve driveability with an optimal response time in the engine’s torque development.

Forced air induction

Key features
Smart with on-board diagnostics or easy plug
High vibration resistance

Precise closing position and torque
Long life and controllable over time and temperature