Drug Delivery Platform for self administration

Mechatronic for self-administration of drugs

Being active at work, or enjoying dinner with friends while receiving medication continuously, discreetly and comfortably: this is a dream for many patients. Sonceboz technology makes this dream a reality by offering innovative ways to fight chronic diseases. Our wearable drug delivery systems dispense high volumes of viscous medications thereby offering patients the freedom they desire.


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Self-administration of drugs
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Our Solutions

Drive module platform

Drive module platform

Our modular mechatronic platform is adaptable for use in many device design.

  • Proprietary brushless WhisperDrive motors
  • Highly integrated low noise gears
  • Flexible low shear/turbulence pump module designed to deliver highly viscous drugs
  • Dynamic needle insertion system with a soft cannula
  • Flexible container interface for prefilled and preloaded applications
  • Fully disposable or partially reusable design 
  • Integrated smart electronics with BT-LE communication enabling a wide variety of applications and delivery speeds

Device platform

Self-administration of drugs

Prefilled/preloaded drug containers

  • Single standard primary container
  • Dual-Container for sequential or simultaneous injection of drugs
  • Dual-Container for in-device reconstitution directly from standard vials

Container/Delivery volume flexibility

  • Faster time to market thanks to a reduced container validation
  • Pump system compatible with a wide variety of primary containers

Inherent safety architecture

  • Motor runaways impossible by design thanks to a brushless drive system

WhisperDrive System (35 dBa)

  • Enhanced patient comfort
  • ISO11608 design

High accuracy and performance pump design

  • +/- 2% dosing accuracy
  • 100cP viscosity


  • Small diameter needle insertion system
  • WhisperDrive System (35 dBa)
  • Fully disposable or semi-disposable
  • Soft cannula
  • Needle-stick injury reduction
  • Connectivity to enhance patient adherence 

Large volume injection

Large volume injection

Designed to deliver up to 6 ml or more of highly viscous drug formulations  subcutaneously in bolus or programmed delivery fashion

Dual cartridge injection

Dual cartridge injection display

Designed to carry two standard containers enabling complex drug combination therapies through sequential or simultaneous injection into the subcutaneous spaces

Automatic reconstitution injection

Automatic injection

Enabling the in-device reconstitution of lyophilized drug formulations carrying both the drug and the diluent in separate preloaded/prefilled primary containers. No need to connect external drug containers