Custom made solution

Are you looking for something that perfectly suits your need? Do you not yet know exactly what it looks like? You are at the right place. We are happy to support you in defining your requirements and propose tailor-made solutions.


What could a mechatronic system from Sonceboz look like?

A mechatronic system that we might offer you will in every case contain an electric motor and optional modules like gearboxes, sensors and control electronics. Things do not end there. Whether you need a watertight pigtail connection, a silent gearbox, a fail-safe mechanical spring integrated or something more, we have a multitude of technology bricks to choose from in order to propose a good well-fitting solution for you.

Sonceboz's standard products


Our 1,500,000,000 products on the market today have all been developed and industrialized by ourselves. We have150 engineers that focus on dedicated advanced research topics related to electromagnetism and electric motors. A dedicated team will support you from concept through mass production. Let’s start with a conversation to explore your project, boundary conditions and how we could work together. This approach has been proven in markets where volumes warrant a tailor-made solution.

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