Compact Power BLDC Motor CPM90

Why you might need the Compact Power BLDC Motor CPM90

The CPM90 is a family of powerful, lightweight brushless DC motors that can deliver a peak power of up to 5.4 kW at 48 Volts! This compact BLDC motor has been developed for mobile applications and battery operated vehicles, and can be used as either a motor or a generator. Sonceboz’s innovative subsystem approach, combining an efficient motor with an integrated CAN bus controller and dedicated software, integrates easily with a platform’s smart functional network.

On Commercial and Heavy-Duty vehicles, the CPM90 can easily electrify the vehicle auxiliaries to offer a high efficiency system of up to 90% while meetings emission standards requirements. With its high compactness, the motor can also replace combustion engines on small two-wheelers and low speed eVehicles.

With its best-in-class high power density, the CPM90 is the ideal electrification solution for applications with limited space.

Compact power BLDC motor

Motor overview

  • Up to 5.4 kW peak power
  • Efficiency of up to 90%
  • Integrated CAN bus controller
  • Available at 24 V and 48 V

Typical applications

  • Hydraulic pumps
  • Air compressors
  • Thermal management


  • Reduce energy consumption
  • Save space and weight
  • No need for additional controller hardware

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