Direct drive BLDC Motor

Why you might need the Direct drive BLDC Motor

The outstanding compactness of our direct drive BLDC motor simplifies its integration on cylinder heads. It features a small diameter design Ø42 with position sensors for variable valve lift (VVL) systems or a flat design with integrated smart electronics for cam phasing (VVT) applications.
The brushless DC motors offer high dynamic control of each valve event, making them a natural choice for variable valve control on spark ignition engines, decompression on hybrid engines, Miller/Atkinson cycle, or variable compression ratio. These applications increase the engine’s performance and efficiency, while reducing fuel consumption and emissions.
Designed for harsh environments, this brushless actuator is resistant to dust, salt, water, high vibration levels, and extreme temperatures.

The Sonceboz BLDC Direct drive family offers best in class quality and robustness, with a real 0 ppm recorded in the field since 2012 and several million actuators produced.

    BLDC motors - brushless motor

    Brushless-DC Motors overview

    • Output torque: up to 1.4 Nm
    • Embedded sensors +/- 3° or <1 °
    • Rotation speed: up to 10’000 rpm
    • Temperature :-40°C to +150°C

    Typical applications

    • Variable Valve Lift
    • Variable Valve Timing
    • Gear shifting
    • Clutch actuation
    • Oil pumps
    • eLockers for differential


    • Offers dynamic control of each valve event
    • Enhances engine performance
    • Reduces fuel consumption and emissions



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