It is becoming increasingly crucial to minimize CO2 emissions while maximizing the autonomy of current and future vehicles. Aerodynamics play an essential role in allowing you to achieve ambitious goals.

Aerodynamics for passenger cars

The Sonceboz approach

Our range of actuators has been specifically designed to facilitate their integration into the front of the vehicle, close to the engine compartment, or in extremely confined spaces exposed to the outside environment. Thanks to their flexible, lightweight and compact design, our mechatronic systems reduce air resistance and optimize the engine’s thermodynamics.

Application-specific control electronics, which were developed and tested by our experts, offer several communication interfaces, such as Bus LIN or PWM. Our robust BLDC technology and airtight smart steppers guarantee impeccable quality, making them a reliable solution for harsh environments.

smart compact Légèreté

1st SOP
Industry pioneer
Winner of the Röchling Quality Award in 2016
Resistant to extreme temperatures

Our solutions

Slim Smart BLDC stepper


Nominal torque: 1.5 Nm
Temperature range: [-40 °C; +85 °C]
BLDC controlled built-in electronics

Power in a small package
Suitable for outdoor use
Easy communication with the ECU


Smart BLDC stepper

Solution smart-stepper

Nominal torque: 1.2 Nm
Temperature range: [-40 °C; +105 °C]
Stepper controlled built-in electronics

Easy to integrate into confined spaces
Extremely reliable operation
Easy communication with the ECU