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All our motor technologies can be configured according to your specifications for a typical project. Find the solution that best suits to your needs and contact us!

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Compact power BLDC motor

Compact power BLDC

Smart stepper motor by Sonceboz

Smart Stepper

Slimline Stepper Motor

Slimline Stepper Motor

Smart Brushless-DC Motors

Smart BLDC Motor

BLDC motors - brushless motor

Direct drive BLDC Motor

sonceboz's torque Motor

Torque Motor

Linear stepper actuator motor

Linear stepper motor

Sonceboz bistable actuator

Bistable actuator

Smart linear actuator

Smart linear actuator

Linear BLDC actuator by Sonceboz

Linear BLDC actuator

Smart linearBLDC actuator

Smart linear BLDC actuator

Custom made solution

Custom made solution