Brushless electric DC motors

Robust, high torque density BLDC for electrical variable valve lift and cam phasing


To optimize combustion dynamically in a real-time response to changing engine speeds and loads. Valve control parameters are now effectively decoupled from the engine speed, which permits a significant improvement in efficiency, performance, and emissions.

Key features

  • Direct drive Brushless DC motors with high-resolution integrated sensors
  • High torque and mechanical power in a compact design
  • HALT tested: -70 to 200°C at 40g RMS
  • High dynamic positioning up to 10,000 RPM
  • Adapted to standard BLDC driving mode
  • Operating temperature: [-40°; +150°C]

Your benefits

  • Extreme compactness to fit into tight engine compartments
  • Outstanding torque and speed; and positioning performance, precision, and accuracy
  • Excellent Sonceboz quality track record at worldwide OEMs
  • Validated application-specific actuator for quick time-to-market
  • A close partnership with electric drive experts

Sonceboz direct drive brushless DC motors (BLDC) for electrical variable lift and cam phasing are clever solutions used to provide optimal combustion by controlling valve timing (VVT), duration and lift (VVL). They feature robustness, reliability and accuracy to improve efficiency, performance, fuel economy and emissions. Thanks to their compact design and high resolution integrated sensors, they perfectly fit into tight engine compartments and can easily be incorporated into valve lift and camphasing systems.

...Sonceboz BLDC motors for variable valve control are state-of-the-art solutions for valve lift and camphasing systems...

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