Brushless electric DC motors


Smart Stepper

Smart Stepper Motors overview

  • Nominal torque 0,6 to 1,2 Nm
  • Operating temperatures: [-40°C;+105°C]
  • Lightweight: just 65g

Your benefits

  • Easy to integrate in narrow spaces
  • Compatible with extensive outdoor usage
  • No need for extra external electronics

Smart Stepper

Sonceboz Smart Stepper motor provides fully programmable electronics. This 3 coil actuator is completely watertight and RoHS compliant.

Additional features are low noise operation, and low current consumption.

Type Nominal Torque T°C With electronics?
5810 Up to 1.5 Nm [-40°C +140°C] Hbridge / LIN / PWM
5810 motor data sheet
6466 0,6 Nm [-40°C +105°C] LIN / PWM / on/off
6466 motor data sheet
6477 1,2 Nm [-40°C +105°c] LIN / PWM / on/off
6477 motor data sheet

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