Brushless electric DC motors


Slimline Stepper Motor

Slimline Stepper Motors overview

  • Torque: 1.6 to 25 mNm
  • Speed range: 200 to 1000 degree/s
  • Weight: 7 to 16 g
  • Shafted (Ø 1.0 mm and Ø 1.5mm), shaftless and dual versions

Your benefits

  • Design freedom: illumination and pointer small caps
  • Compact design
  • Excellent reliability leading to 0 ppm rate

Slimline Stepper Motor

SONCEBOZ Slimline Stepper Motors are slim and compact actuators. They are based on the patented MM39 technology that yields highly robust design, low noise emission, and low current consumption.

Together with the SMD contact 6403G333, these motors feature a highly reliable solderless assembly process.

Type Nominal Torque [mNm] Weight [g] Maximum speed [°/s] Output interface PDF
6403R200 1.6 7 600 Shaftless
6403R200 motor data sheet
6405R407 1.6 7 800 Shaft of Ø 1.00 mm
6405R407 motor data sheet
6405R47X 1.7 7 800 Shaft of Ø 1.5 mm
6405R47X motor data sheet
6407R009 1.6 11 800 Two concentric shafts
6407R009 motor data sheet
6415R00X 3.2/25 13/16 200/1000 Shaft of Ø 1.6 mm or brass pinion
6415R00X motor data sheet

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