Brushless electric DC motors

Dosing motors for Selective Catalytic Reduction


To reduce NOx emissions by precisely and robustly regulating AdBlue injection in the SCR pump.

Key features

  • Stiffness and great positioning accuracy, enabling high dosing accuracy
  • Extended lifetime
  • Direct drive and brushless
  • High torque at low RPM

Your benefits

  • Validated electric motor for Euro 6
  • Rugged, compact
  • Maintenance-free, hassle-free dependability
  • Only hybrid stepper motor supplier with mobile application expertise
  • Pioneer in developing actuators for SCR Dosing Pumps for Heavy Duty Applications
  • A close partnership with customer oriented solution

Sonceboz hybrid stepper motors are compact dosing actuators dedicated to selective catalytic reduction. Thanks to their reliability and brushless nature, they can withstand strong vibrations and operate in a wide range of temperatures. They also feature high dosing accuracy and robust design in order to regulate AdBlue injection in the selective catalytic reduction pump and to reduce NOx emissions.