Brushless electric DC motors


A shared ambition for the highest standards in the harshest environments.


Our experts in electromagnetics and applied research are industriously anticipating tomorrow's market. They observe worldwide trends, pushing the boundaries and paving new paths to innovative technology. We think, live, and act for innovation in mechatronics.

& Actuators

Rotor/stator: this is the heart. We actively research and develop brushless DC solutions aimed at driving and positioning. Very high efficiency, high speed, high power BLDC motors for turbines, as well as electric actuators featuring accuracy positioning, high resolution, and closed loop control,are on our roadmap for 2025.

& Electronics

Sonceboz is dedicated to motion systems used in demanding operating conditions. Our solutions thrive on adversity. Resistance to extreme temperatures, shocks, vibrations, and other harsh conditions are their defining criteria.

MMT: Moving Magnet Technologies 

MMT, our 100% subsidiary and innovation supplier in electromagnetism since 1989

Sonceboz winner of the Innovation Award Fabrik des Jahres 

Winner of the "Fabrik des Jahres / Innovation Award" in 2005