Brushless electric DC motors


Your application needs a lifetime? Our solutions last for life!

Our zero default policy guides every Sonceboz expert. For years, this spirit has led to a standard of quality, and customer loyalty recognized worldwide.

Built to last

By pushing the limits beginning with the early stages of the development phase, we engineer your solution. Model Based Design, simulations, severe tests, and prototypes reduce development time and ensure top quality, while keeping you in full control of the project.

Customer awards

At Sonceboz, we are proud of the awards we consistently win from customers. These recognitions best represent our commitment to 0 default, and its outstanding results. With Sonceboz, you benefit from the high quality Swissstandards, which is part of our traditional cultural code.

Sonceboz 0 ppm award Sonceboz 0 ppm award Sonceboz 0 ppm award Sonceboz 0 ppm award