Brushless electric DC motors


Intelligent LoadSense direct drive for Logistics

Materials handling systems for the Intralogistics industry, such as conveyors and rollers that generally work around the clock, require reliable and efficient drive systems. Reducing Total Cost of Ownership is the utmost priority. Sonceboz’s LoadSense technology is the perfect intelligent drive for reliable, low-power consumption and compact motion solution - all that packaged in an IP65 design. These electrical motors boast a long lifespan, thanks to their brushless and gearless design. High torque density and positioning accuracy is achieved thanks to the closed loop hybrid stepper motor technology. The LoadSense drive features high acceleration torque required to put the goods into motion. Only the requested current is used for the needed torque which enables high efficiency, low temperature rise and therefore lower losses. The full mechatronic drive system can even eliminate the need for an additional gearbox thanks to its torque density. This is bringing several other advantages like low hysteresis, no backlash, and no maintenance cost usually associated with the gears. The resulting compactness brings easy and flexible integration into existing transport systems.

The core technology of this motor has already been proven in harsh automotive environments– temperature range from -40 °C to +100° C and vibrations. Thanks to the integrated intelligence a wide variety of communication interfaces can be proposed: CAN, PWM, clock & direction, RS485, and I2C. Further solutions can be implemented upon request. The precise built-in encoder allows several drives to be operated synchronously. It is no longer necessary to have a mechanical connection to operate several units in parallel. The LoadSense product stands as the ideal direct drive, compact and powerful electric motor for any materials handling systems. You need more information? Contact us!

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