Brushless electric DC motors

From mind to motion

"From mind to motion": transforming electric signals into mechanical motion


Bring us your technical challenges, and we will bring you the right mechatronic solutions with the right interfaces, capable of operating in harsh conditions.


Smart Stepper Motor 

Our developments are based on electric motors and mechatronic drive systems with contact-free technology, to produce linear or rotary motion. Stepper or brushless DC motors, sensors, gear trains, and electronic controls: these are the key elements of your tailored mechatronic system.

Positioning, dosing, regulating: for each motion challenge, a solution perfect in size, durability, robustness, noise level, and much more.


With Sonceboz, you get a partner that invests in the most modern machinery, with a high level of automation. All core components: metal and plastic components, coils, electronics assembly and final assembly are built with in-house expertise.

Your value is to work with a partner that possesses a high level of automation, a lean manufacturing approach, a careful mastery, and fine control of process and product.