Brushless electric DC motors


Electric actuators and motors for Implements


To optimize agrochemicals consumption and help controlling biological effects by regulating pressure and flow in spraying nozzles.

Key features

  • Existing CAN/ISO-Bus interface
  • Compact and lightweight package
  • Integrated gear train, fail-safe, sensor, or embedded drive electronics upon request
  • Can be tailored to specific configurations by adapting the mechanical and electrical interface
  • Numerous years of field experience with major OEM's

Your benefits

  • CAN/ISO-Bus interface for easy integration into tractor architecture
  • Robust design for harsh environments
  • State-of-the art mechanics and gear train design for precise positioning
  • Watertight and market specific chemical resistance
  • Demonstrated low ppm levels

Sonceboz linear actuators for implements are compact, robust, cost-effective and fail-safe electric motors. They can integrate a gear train and an embedded drive electronics. Thanks to customized mechanical or electrical interfaces, there are easy to integrate. They also feature watertightness and robust design for harsh environments. Our motion systems for implements are help you regulating pressure and flow in spraying nozzles in order to optimize agrochemicals consumption and control biological effects.

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