Brushless electric DC motors

DLA- Digital Linear Actuators for IACV- Idle Air Control Valve and MTB-Mechanical Throttle Body


To accurately regulate idle speed, whatever the operating conditions: temperature, altitude, or air humidity.

Key features

  • Lightweight: 70 g
  • Force up to 40 N
  • Vibrations up to 40 G from 20 to 2000 Hz
  • Operating temperature range from -40°C up to +125°C
  • Speed up to 40 mm/s

Your benefits

  • Worldwide benchmark DLA
  • Excellent quality track record, thanks to a high industrialization level
  • Outstanding reliability: no lost step
  • Validated application-specific actuator for faster time-to-market
  • Easy integration in narrow engine compartments

Sonceboz digital linear actuators are efficient electric motors especially designed to accurately regulate idle speed while helping meeting even more emissions legislation. Dedicated to idle air control valve (IACV) and mechanical throttle body (MTB), our actuators feature lightness and high precision for a better integration in narrow engine compartments. Thanks to their robustness and excellent service life, our solutions can resist to harsh environments, whatever the operating conditions. Based on the permanent magnet stepper technology, Sonceboz digital linear actuators (DLA) are the most reliable and cost-effective idle air control solutions for small engines.

…a state-of-the-art digital linear actuator proven in many combustion engines worldwide…

Idle Air Control Valve