Brushless electric DC motors

Compact, robust and high torque electric actuators for Intake and Exhaust Flaps and Valves


To achieve NOx emission reductions and help satisfy forthcoming emission regulations, by attaining and maintaining fine control of kinetics in the combustion chamber.

Key features

Torque Motors or DC Brushless actuators:

  • Peak torque beyond 4 Nm
  • Short positioning time: typically below 100 ms
  • Direct drive: no gear train
  • The only brushless actuator compatible with standard ECU: no integrated electronics needed
  • Integration of a return-to-zero spring and drive electronics on demand

Smart BLDC actuators:

  • Outstanding compactness: smallest in its Torque category
  • Peak torque values up to 10 Nm
  • Integrated CAN-interfaced drive electronics for both 12 and 24 V nominal voltage operations
  • Integrated return-to-zero spring
  • On-Board diagnostics

Your benefits

  • Fast, precise positioning for perfect flow control
  • Robust, compact, and high performance electric motors
  • Solutions validated and ready for immediate implementation
  • Extremely robust, hassle-free dependability
  • Partnership with dependable electric drive experts

Sonceboz torque motor and brushless DC motor technology are compact, robust and high torque electric actuators dedicated to challenging exhaust gaz recirculation applications. In order to meet even more demanding reduction regulations, our EGR actuators have been especially developed with high performance components. Our EGR actuators feature compact design, excellent reliability and high service life help you to improve fuel economy and reduce Nox emissions. Thanks to their flexibility and robustness, Sonceboz torque motor and BLDC actuators are adaptablefor diesel or gasoline engines EGR valves.

...a state-of-the-art expertise proven in diesel and gasoline EGR valves, as well as in several emission control applications…

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