Brushless electric DC motors

Electric motors and mechatronic drive systems for machines automation


Fast, Robust, reliable motion systems to improve the machine’s productivity and efficiency.

Key features

  • Robust, reliable, and long life motion systems
  • Wide range of brushless technologies: permanent magnet (Tin-Can), hybrid and slimline stepper motors, and brushless DC motors
  • Integration of electronics or sensors
  • Direct drives

Your benefits

  • Increase productivity and lower maintenance costs
  • All-in-one solutions reducing system complexity
  • Validated and proven automotive motion technology

Sonceboz Intelligent rotary actuators or linear direct drive actuators are reliable motion systems for industrial machines automation. They feature a high robustness and have been especially designed for extended life time. Our all-in-one mechatronic drives reduce system complexity, thus helping you to increase flexibility of machine functions. This result in a better productivity, improved efficiency, and this reduces downtime and maintenance need.