Brushless electric DC motors

Linear and rotary actuators for adaptive lighting


To contribute to driver assistance and to reduce road fatalities during the day or night, and in all driving conditions, by moving the light beam.

  • Levelling Light (LVL)
  • Dynamic Bending Light (DBL)
  • Glare Free High Beam
  • Marking Light

Key features

  • Innovative standard design for leveling, swiveling, glare free high beam, and marking light functions
  • Permanent stepper motor technology in a compact and lightweight package
  • High accuracy and resolution up to 0.01mm
  • Innovative contactless sensor solutions for referencing, and for the absolute position feedback
  • Temperature range from -40°C up to +125°C

Your benefits

  • Enhanced OEM headlamp brand signature and design freedom
  • Easy to use: compact, flat, lightweight mechatronics solution
  • Outstanding reliability in harsh environments
  • Fast and precise positioning for optimal light beam shaping and distribution
  • Integrated solutions included drivers, sensors, and electronics

More information on dedicated solutions for Lighting

Sonceboz linear and rotary actuators for adaptive lighting improve safety and driving comfort by directing the light beam. Their innovative and attractive design are suited for dynamic bending light, levelling light, marking light, glare free high beam and provide then an optimal field of vision. Thanks to their compactness and lightness, Sonceboz actuators for lighting applications are easy to use and offer a better headlamp integration. With a high accuracy and reliability, our linear and rotary motors and actuators meet the front lighting’s requirement such as operating in harsh environments (up to -40°).

... a state-of-the-art linear actuator for lighting applications proven in several passenger cars…

adaptive lighting system for automobiles