Brushless electric DC motors

Smart electric actuators for Active Grille Shutters


By improving drag coefficient and optimizing engine cooling or heating, to reduce CO2 emissions of up to 3g per km and fuel consumption of up to 0.2l per 100km.

Key features

  • Smart stepper with fully programmable electronics
  • Lightweight: just 65 gr
  • Torque range: [0.6 Nm to 1.2 Nm]
  • Low noise operation & low current consumption
  • Watertight & RoHS compliant

Your benefits

  • Flexible interface for OEM platform strategy
  • Internal diagnostic mode
  • Validated application-specific actuator for fast time-to-market
  • Technical support and product robustness for trouble-free service
  • Outstanding light weight and compactness for easy integration and low CO2 impact

Integration of a smart stepper in an active grille shutter

Sonceboz smart stepper for active grille shutter is a reliable and compact motor with embedded electronics, which helps you to enhance vehicle aerodynamics. This lightweight and quiet actuator gives you smooth airflow over the front of your vehicle, what means lower drag coefficient and less fuel consumption -so less CO2. Whether it be for passenger cars (& Light-duty) or trucks (& heavy-duty), its small size, watertightness and sturdiness optimize airflow according to driving conditions.

… Sonceboz smart steppers for active grille shutter are at work in vehicles of all types around the world...