Brushless electric DC motors

Electric actuators for AMT, DCT, CVT, Torque Management or EV&Hybrid Transmissions


To reduce CO2 emissions and to develop EV efficiency, by smoothly changing gear ratio and enabling the engine to run at its most efficient operating points (BMEP / RPM); and continuously adjusting the torque supply to each wheel, enhancing the driving experience.

Key features

  • High torque and power density
  • Fast response,  rotary speed: up to 10,000 RPM
  • Wide operating temperature: -40° TO +150°c
  • Withstands up to 15 g vibration
  • Possible to integrate the  electronic drive

Your benefits

  • Track record in gearbox application
  • No maintenance needed: excellent reliability, robustness, and durability in harsh conditions
  • Easy mechanical integration in tight space constraints
  • Closely cooperative partnership with motor and electric drive experts
  • Fast time-to-market for customized solution

Sonceboz smart DC brushless actuatorsdirect-drive BLDC motors or smart hybrid steppers are dependable electric motors dedicated to challenging transmission applications. These dynamic, compact and high-efficiency actuators can be easily integrated in tight spaces and feature high robustness, high precision, excellent reliability and durability to resist to harsh conditions. Especially designed for new technologies such as AMT, CVT, DCT, torque vectoring or EV & Hybrid, the usage of Sonceboz transmission solutions help you reduce CO2 emissions, increase fuel economy and enhance driving comfort.