Brushless electric DC motors


Sustainable by commitment, by respect, by nature.

  • Corporate Social Responsibility based on                  ISO 26000 (pdf)
  • Environmental, Health & Safety policy (pdf)
  • OHSAS18001 & ISO14001 certified (Sonceboz - Boncourt)
  • Business continuity plan

A responsible business

We believe that we have a duty to run our business responsibility. This is underpinned by our corporate values. We esteem as compulsory and gratifying to respect the human rights, the labor practices, the environment and fair operating practices - for our employees and partners. Our aspiration is to have a significant positive impact on our firm and the communities in which we operate.                                   

A safe business

Safety is one of Sonceboz’s most important commitments. Through our management system, we realize our objective that all our employees maintain excellent health, safety and security behavior; which is integrated into their day-to-day duties, with a target of zero incidents. To that end, a variety of programs and activities have been implemented.

A sustainable business

At Sonceboz, we seek to minimize the environmental impact of our activities, by ensuring that our manufacturing processes are environmentally friendly and energy-efficient. In our operations, we strive to reduce the use of water and energy, to recycle materials, to phase out hazardous materials and to design eco-efficient products.                     

A resilient business

Sonceboz’s mechanism focuses on state-of-the-art processes, procedures, and training; to safeguard our people, protect our assets, and guarantee the fulfillment of our customers’ needs. The Sonceboz continuity plan enables our customers to benefit from a resilient and sustainable supply chain...for life.