Brushless electric DC motors

Compact, robust and high torque electric actuators for Forced Air Induction applications


To avoid a delay in air boosting, in order to improve drivability with an optimal response time in the torque development of the engine.

Key features

Torque Motors or DC Brushless actuators:

  • Peak torque up to 4.8 Nm
  • Short positioning time: typically below 100 ms
  • Direct drive: the only brushless actuator compatible with standard ECU: no integrated electronics needed
  • Integration of a return-to-zero spring and drive electronics on demand

Smart BLDC actuators:

  • Outstanding compactness: smallest in its Torque category
  • Peak torque values up to 10 Nm
  • Integrated CAN-interfaced drive electronics for both 12 and 24 V nominal voltage operations
  • Integrated return-to-zero spring
  • On-Board diagnostics

Your benefits

  • Excellent compactness in narrow engine compartments
  • Outstanding performance: torque or force, speed and positioning
  • Excellent quality track record, thanks to a high industrialization level
  • Validated application-specific actuator for fast time-to-market
  • A close partnership with electric drive experts

Sonceboz torque motors and smart BLDC actuators are compact and robust actuators dedicated to challenging forced air induction applications. Those electric actuators have been especially developed to find the right compromise between response time and power output in order to improve drivability by meeting even more stringent emission regulations. Sonceboz torque motors and smart BLDC actuators are fast, robust, reliable and easy to integrate thanks to their high precision and excellent compactness. They are validated for forced air induction applications such as supercharger bypass, variable geometry turbocharger (VGT) or e-waste-gate turbocharger (WGT), where harsh vibration levels and thermal conditions prevail.

…a state-of-the-art expertise proven in forced air induction applications such as supercharger bypass, VGT or e-WGT…

Forced air induction