Brushless electric DC motors


Exhaust back pressure valve


Engine brake assistance, exhaust gas temperature and back pressure regulation demand a seamless electrical regulation to achieve high braking performance and efficient denoxification.

Key features

Torque motors or DC brushless actuators:

  • Peak torque beyond 2 Nm
  • Short positioning time: typically below 100 ms
  • Direct drive: no gear train
  • The only brushless actuator compatible with standard ECU: no integrated electronics needed
  • Integration of a return-to-zero spring and drive electronics on demand


Smart BLDC actuators:

  • Outstanding compactness: smallest height in its torque category
  • Peak torque values up to 20 Nm
  • Integrated CAN-interfaced drive electronics for both 12 and 24 V nominal voltage operations
  • Integrated return-to-zero spring
  • On-Board diagnostics

Your benefits

  • Fast, precise positioning for perfect flow control
  • High torque available in easy to integrate actuators
  • Validated solutions ready for immediate implementation
  • Maintenance-free, hassle-free dependability
  • Partnership with dependable electric drive experts

Smart BLDC actuators tailor the exhaust gas pressure within usage of a valve into the exhaust pipe in order to achieve exhaust engine braking. BLDC actuators with CAN bus communication keep the appropriate thermal conditions in the exhaust pipes so that warm-up cycle can be speed up. BLDC motors with embedded driver increase the catalyst converter efficiency to keep emissions at a low level or DPF regeneration can be achieved in special conditions.