Brushless electric DC motors

Electric motors and mechatronic drive systems for portable and home care devices


To provide a modular platform featuring an extensive integration of components to fit any devices design

Key features

  • Customizable smart or non-smart drive system comprised of a motor, electronics, gearbox, plunger, and housing
  • Integration of absolute or relative position sensors
  • Miniaturized & flat to fit into patch pump, bolus injector and other compact devices
  • Cost effective for high volumes

Your benefits

  • Versatile concept for dosing and reconstitution of highly viscous formulations
  • Suitable for disposable and reusable devices
  • Use of both, standard primary drug containers as well as proprietary containers of your own design
  • Top Swiss quality and cost effectiveness at the same time
  • Safety first, our motor design prevents pump run-aways
  • Easy customization for device manufacturers and pharma companies
  • Shorter time to market due to proven modules and technologies

Drug delivery device platform