Brushless electric DC motors

Compact power BLDC

Compact power BLDC overview

  • Efficiency of up to 90 %
  • Up to 1,6 kW / kg
  • High-efficiency controllers

Your benefits

  • Reduce energy 
  • Save space and weight
  • No need for additional controller hardware

Compact power BLDC

The compact power BLDC CPM90 Series comprise of a brushless, permanent-magnet synchro-motors as well as a fully integrated control unit. They are IP 67 and exhibit a maximum efficiency -over 90%- for all low voltage applications: 24 to 72V.

The ability to accept and process any type of input signal means that the drive units can be ideally tuned to a wide array of applications and are interoperable with a wide range of components. Thus they obviate the need for any additional controllers. Our user-friendly control software allows parametrization, analysis and even simulation in the intended environment. The CPM90 Series are capable of operation either as a motor or as a generator.

Type Supply voltage [V] Peak Power [W] Max. Torque Max. Revolutions Weight Stator length [mm]
5922R1015 CPM90 24V 1.6 kW 5 Nm 5000 / rpm 2.6 kg 22
5922R1015 CPM90 motor data sheet
5924R1027 CPM90 24V 2.1 kW 10.5 Nm 5000 / rpm 3.4 kg 45
5924R1027 CPM90 motor data sheet

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