Brushless electric DC motors

Worldwide benchmark leading actuator technology for instrument clusters


To provide the driver with reliable information and state-of-the art visibility, while improving the design of appealing instrument clusters.

Key features

  • MM39 technology: two-phase stepper motor with 90° phase shift and rotor with five pairs of poles
  • Ultra compact, lightweight package and smooth movement
  • Shaftless actuator for daylight illumination requirements
  • Dual concentric shafted actuator for clusters that require space-saving or innovative designs
  • Solderless SMD contacts on tape and reel

Your benefits

  • Worldwide support with innovative solutions for passenger cars, trucks, and motorbikes
  • Excellent reliability and robustness leading to low ppm rate
  • Large actuator range for flexibility in analog and digital cluster designs
  • Cost-effective solutions enabling process and system cost savings
  • No quality risk through recognized benchmark MM39 technology

Sonceboz slimline stepper motors are smooth and accurate actuators dedicated to instrument cluster applications, where providing the driver with reliable information while improving the design become a challenge. Based on the recognized benchmark MM39 technology, our motors are easy to use, robust, low running noise and provide homogeneous and optimized illumination for a state of the art visibility. Sonceboz solutions offer you a large range of cost-savings actuators such as shaftless, dual shafts or solderless motors enabling reliability and flexibility in design for appealing instrument clusters.

…Sonceboz slimline stepper motor for instrumentation are at work in a large range of vehicles…

Automotive Instrument clusters