Brushless electric DC motors

Electric motors and mechatronic drive systems for water, gas or expansion valves


To improve people's comfort, while being energy efficient.

Key features

  • Compact, precise, and reliable motion systems
  • Wide range of brushless technologies: permanent magnet (Tin-Can), hybrid and slimline stepper motors, and brushless DC motors
  • Integration of electronics or sensors

Your benefits

  • Optimum energy use for any situation, thanks to modulation
  • Extremely accurate motion systems
  • Compact for optimized design and integration
  • Low maintenance costs

Sonceboz mechatronic systems are precise actuators dedicated to heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) applications. Based on linear actuators, hybrid steppers or smart steppers technologies, they feature compactness for optimized design and integration. A intelligent driver, an adapted gear train or sensors can be integrated upon request. Thanks to their reliability and precision, our solutions for hydronic valves, expansion valves or air ventilation reduce your maintenance costs, optimize your energy consumption and improve your application's accuracy for a better people’s comfort.