100% of electricity used by Sonceboz comes from renewable sources

Sonceboz is procuring green power certified by TüV. This use of 100% renewable power sources is further evidence of the company's focus on social responsibility, aimed at promoting sustainable development.

April 2017 – From the start of 2017, Sonceboz has opted to use green power at its Sonceboz and Boncourt production sites. The offering guarantees that 100% of the electricity supplied to its plants comes from renewable sources, certified by compliance assessment body TüV. The energy procured comes largely from Swiss hydropower plants. This commitment to green electricity, not enforced by any regulations, is part of a voluntary approach demonstrating the Swiss company's firm commitment to promoting sustainable development. This corporate social responsibility policy has also led to the installation of solar panels on the Boncourt production site.

100% renewable energy